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CarbonExpo 2010 Melbourne Australia 11-13 October

Carbon Expo Australasia 2010, which concluded in Melbourne on 13 October, marked the third in the highly successful Carbon Expo series, co-hosted by SBA. Over 650 delegates attended the Expo, with keynote presentations by the Hon Greg Combet AM MP, Hon Gavin Jennings MLC, Dr Graeme Pearman, Professor Ross Garnaut, Adam Bandt and over 100 other speakers and panellists. The Expo program, including plenary and workshop sessions, is now available to view via video webcast, by linking to the Carbon Expo TV channel:

Events Archive 2009

Mega projects - renewable energy projects capable of minerals processing and manufacturing while delivering green electricity; and algae sequestration of CO2 from coal-fired power plants - a sink and a source of abundant biodiesel.

Green jobs - the transition to a low carbon economy will build new markets, new industries and millions of new jobs.

Benefactor member boardroom lunches - by invitation to benefactor members only. Recent events have included meetings with Professor David Karoly (Sydney) and Professor Stephen Schneider (Copenhagen) two of the world's leading climate change scientists; and Evan Thornley, CEO Australia, Better Place developers of electric vehicle infrastructure. Previous meetings have included leading experts like Peter Head, Director, Arup; Blair Comley, Deputy Secretary of Department of Climate Change (CPRS); Professor Ross Garnaut; former EU Ambassador H.E. Bruno Julien; H.E. Helen Liddell, British High Commissioner; Sir David King, former Chief Scientific Advisor to the British Government; Professor Tim Flannery; Dr Ken Henry, Secretary to The Treasury; H.E. Sharyn Minahan, Australia's Ambassador to Denmark; Anthony Collins, head of new market development for the ASX; Dr Roger Wilkins, Head of Government's Wilkins Inquiry.

Carbon Market Expo Australasia 2009,
Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre
26 - 28 October 2009

Carbon Market Expo Australasia 2009 will again be the most exciting and significant conference and trade fair on Australia's carbon market calendar. At the inaugural Expo in October 2008, more than 1100 delegates and 81 trade exhibitors attended from 27 countries. Highlights can be viewed at The 2009 Expo will be held from 26 to 28 October at the Gold Coast Convention Centre, timed to follow the Australian Parliament's consideration of pending emissions trading legislation, and to precede the UN Climate Change conference in Copenhagen in December.

Many businesses operating in the Australian carbon market 'sector' are leading governments in their response to climate change and emissions management, and will again be attending Carbon Market Expo to do business with the suppliers of carbon market products and services. Online registration and further information - for sponsors, delegates and trade exhibitors - is now available at

The Expo is co-hosted by EBA and the Asia-Pacific Emissions Trading Forum, with foundation support from the Queensland Government and the Gold Coast City Council. The program is currently being finalized, and interested sponsors, to join Macquarie Bank and Baker & McKenzie, are encouraged to contact Jack Whelan at EBA as soon as possible. Please download the sponsorship prospectus here.

EBA invites you to a special forum on Australia's climate change policy
Wednesday 14 October 2009, Sydney, 3.00-5.30 p.m.

With Blair Comley, Deputy Secretary, Department of Climate Change and Louise Hand, Australia's Climate Change Ambassador

Will the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) be passed by the Senate before Copenhagen? What amendments can be made in the next few weeks? And how flexible will the CPRS be once passed into legislation? How speedily will it be able to respond to new scientific data, changing international levels of action, and technology solutions?

Blair Comley has executive oversight for the emissions trading scheme and will be giving an overview of its status in the lead up to the Senate vote. As the Government and Opposition begin discussions on amendments to the CPRS on 19 October, this is an excellent opportunity for EBA members to let their views be known.

Louise Hand has responsibility for international negotiations and will be providing an update on the status of Australian and international developments - this will include outcomes of the recent UN meeting in New York, the G20 meeting and the Bangkok negotiations.

Following an overview, Blair and Louise, will be joined by a panel of experts on energy efficiency, renewable energy, biosequestration and land management, industry transition, and project financing.

This is an important opportunity to discuss Australia's domestic and international climate change policy with two of the Government's leading policy makers.

Prior to the event registered attendees will be sent details of venue; some background reading material; and biographies of our two speakers.

Hosted by Commonwealth Bank Australia at Level 19, 201 Sussex Street, Darling Park, Sydney.

The Forum will be followed by a dinner with EBA Benefactor Members.

Contact Valerie Orton at the EBA office. The registration form can also be returned by fax to 02 9358 1555.

EBA invites you to a special forum on Australia's climate change policy
Wednesday 23 September

Environment Business Australia and Parsons Brinckerhoff
invite you to 'Mega projects - mega solutions'

The fifth forum in the global green new deal series 'New markets, new industries and new jobs'

Date: Wednesday 23 September, 2009, Melbourne
Time: 3.00 - 6.45 p.m. followed by drinks and networking
Venue: Parkview Hotel, 562 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

Registration: EBA members $75 + GST, non members $150 +GST

The scale of the solution must be at least commensurate with the size of the problem.

EBA champions debate on some of the big steps that business and government can take together to build 'new markets, new industries and new jobs'.

3.00 Welcome - Fiona Wain, Chief Executive Officer, Environment Business Australia

Facilitator - Darren Bilsborough, Director of Sustainability, Parsons Brinckerhoff

Panellists will each give a 5 minute overview of their cutting-edge approach - this will be followed by discussion with delegates:

  • Andrew Lawson, Managing Director, MBD Energy - algae sequestration of CO2 from coal-fired power plants
  • Bo Nilsson, Manager, ABB - Desertec Industrial Initiative. From Africa to Europe - electricity from solar generated electricity and the need for a HVDC grid
  • Dr Tom Denniss, Founder, Oceanlinx - marine energy, the sleeping giant
  • Fiona Wain, CEO, Environment Business Australia - 5 big commercial project approaches to tackle climate change.

Download: Registration form

Carbon biosequestration forum
28 July 2009

Fourth in the series 'Building the commercial marketplace for new industries and new jobs'

Hosted by Environment Business Australia and Baker & McKenzie

This forum focused on boosting food security and building landscape resilience via soil, ocean and terrestrial biosequestration of carbon

Date: Tuesday 28 July 2009, Sydney
Time: 3.00 - 5.00 p.m. followed by drinks and networking
Place: Baker & McKenzie, Level 27, AMP Centre, 50 Bridge Street, Sydney
Hosts: Environment Business Australia and Baker & McKenzie

Flows and stocks of greenhouse gases will continue to grow until a global agreement on emissions reduction is reached. But climate scientists say that it is crucial to reduce the atmospheric overload of carbon in the near term - so what practical steps can individual countries take now?

Each of our expert panellists proposed ways to significantly drawdown 'legacy' carbon using biosequestration approaches - soil, rangeland management, crops/native vegetation/forestry, and oceans. They also proposed research priorities and funding mechanisms that can be fast-tracked to begin before the delayed CPRS (June 2011).

This EBA forum took an in-depth look at the technologies and approaches that will deliver the best biosequestration carbon sinks while helping to rebuild degraded soils, boost food production and improve water security. The outcome was a position paper to Government.


3.00 Welcome - Fiona Wain, Chief Executive Officer, Environment Business Australia

  • Tony Lovell - Director, Soil Carbon
  • Professor Leigh Sullivan - Director, Plant Stone Technology
  • Peter Cosier - Executive Director, Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists
  • Dr John White - Executive Director, Ignite Energy Resources
  • Dr David Brand - Managing Director, New Forests
  • John Ridley - Managing Director, Ocean Nourishment

5.00 Drinks and networking

YES WE CAN - be energy efficient, but where is the national strategy?
29 April 2009

Part 3 in the forum series - Australia's role in the "Global green new deal"

Date: Wednesday 29 April, Sydney
Time: 2.30 - 5.00 p.m. followed by drinks and networking
Place: Tusculum House, 3 Manning Street, Potts Point, Sydney
Hosts: Environment Business Australia and The Climate Institute

Leading experts outlined the most effective ways to roll out major energy productivity programs - a key element of building new markets, new industries and new jobs as we tackle climate change in the middle of economic turmoil.

Energy efficiency is the fastest and most economical way to reduce carbon emissions at industrial, commercial and household levels. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that energy efficiency has the potential to achieve over 35% of the entire greenhouse gas reduction task.

Europe and the United States have signalled that energy efficiency will be a central plank in carbon abatement and mitigation steps.

So, why doesn't Australia have a national energy productivity strategy when there are considerable cost savings for industry, commerce, households and consolidated revenue?


2.30 Welcome - Robert Purves, Chairman, Environment Business Australia, member of the Copenhagen Climate Council

2.40 Danish Consul General Helle Myrthue - short overview of the World Business Summit on Climate Change (Copenhagen, May 24-26) and the UNFCCC international negotiations on climate change (Copenhagen, December 7-17).

Expert panelists - 5 minute overviews

What are the drivers needed to roll out energy productivity innovation in Australia?

Empowering the community for the transition

  • The role of the energy retailer (TBA)
  • Mark Mills - Partner, Generation Investment Management

Why can't politicians agree on a way forward? What are the targets and policies necessary to tackle the climate change challenge?

  • Senator Christine Milne - Climate Change and Energy leader for the Green Party
  • Senator Nick Xenophon - Independent Senator (invited)

5.30 Drinks and networking

YES WE CAN - Australia's role in the "Global green new deal"
18 March 2009

Part 2, 3.00 - 5.30 pm, Wednesday 18 March, Melbourne
Hosted by Commonwealth Bank of Australia, 385 Bourke Street

Where are the major new commercial opportunities? In this second 'overview' forum EBA continued the theme of building new markets, new industries and new jobs as the world tackles climate change and rebuilds markets. Our eminent speakers gave an overview of the current situation and our expert panellists outlined the major sources of renewable energy ready for large scale deployment; a restructure of transportation systems; and the potential to remove 'legacy' carbon from the atmosphere while replenishing soil carbon and mineral levels necessary for food production.


3.00 Welcome - Robert Purves, Chairman of Environment Business Australia, member of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, member of the Copenhagen Climate Council

3.05 Overview of the latest science on the climate change challenge from one of the world's leading climate scientists - Dr David Karoly, School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne; IPCC author; member of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists

3.20 Overview of the state of financial and economic markets - Nick Sankey, Head of Utilities, Energy & Renewable Solutions, Commonwealth Bank

Panel session on smart, efficient and commercially viable solutions

3.30 Four-minute overviews from expert panellists - their proposed solution current impediments, potential reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, impact on the national economy; followed by in-depth discussion with delegates

Transforming mobility
Guy Pross, Director Government Affairs, Better Place Australia (electric vehicle)

Bringing renewable energy to scale
Solar thermal energy - Dr Keith Lovegrove (TBC), ANU
Marine energy - Dr. Michael Ottaviano, Managing Director, Carnegie
Biosequestration of carbon
Soil carbon replenishment - Dr John White
Biochar - TBA
Plant stone technology - Professor Leigh Sullivan, Director, Southern Cross Geo-Science, Southern Cross University
Rangeland carbon - Tony Lovell, Director, Soil Carbon Pty Ltd
Forest sinks - Dr Andrew Grant, CEO, CO2 Australia

5.30 Drinks and networking

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