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Our Work: SBA Sustainable Mobility Project

About The Mobility Project

SBA’s Sustainable Mobility Project is a cross-sector collaboration leading an Australian business response to the challenges and opportunities of meeting Sydney’s mobility needs more sustainably. The Project is chaired by SBA Member NRMA and the WorkGroup comprises SBA Members David Jones, IAG, Jacobs, the National Australia Bank, Energetics and Unilever, with key inputs and support from TfNSW. The SBA Project is within the umbrella of WBCSD's global Mobility project – SMP2.0. As such, project deliverables will be promoted within Australia by SBA and ultimately at an international level through WBCSD.

The Sustainable Mobility Project defines Mobility as people-centric: Connecting people to opportunities (goods, services, activities and destinations), rather than solely a traditional transport focus on vehicles and infrastructure. Avoided or reduced need for travel are as important as modes of travel. Sustainable Mobility is then defined as the ability to meet society’s mobility needs without sacrificing other essential human or ecological values.

The project will define and launch a business response to sustainable mobility in Sydney, gaining business ownership and participation in the mobility challenge. Over the course of the project, we will directly engage with over 70 large businesses in Sydney (mostly in the ASX200), all with a key interest in mobility, and across a wide variety of sectors including financial, consumer goods, energy, communications and technology, property and infrastructure. We will also engage with NRMA’s Sydney based membership as a proxy for mobility consumers, as well as government stakeholders, the WBCSD mobility team as well as mobility and sustainable cities experts in Australia and Europe.

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